I am so excited about these lessons. I have been in the ministry since I was 21 years old. I am now 58 years young. Two years ago, I was diagnosed with COPD. It runs in our family. My dad and my grandpa died with it. I was using a nebulizer med for two years. Since I started these lessons. I have been professing that I am dead in Christ and dead men can't have COPD. I am not using a nebulizer any more. I have spoken the same, "I am dead in Christ, dead men cannot suffer migraines or digestive problems.  And to my amazement, it is a truth. I am dead in Christ, raised up and sitting in heavenly places with him, far above powers and principalities. The migraines left and the digestive problems disappeared. I was going out to eat with my children and I took a terrible stomach ache, kind of like when you have a stomach virus. I looked at my husband and said, "I am dead in Christ and dead men cannot suffer with stomach viruses or pain. Immediately, it was gone. In the past, I would fast and pray and moan and groan and just be miserable. I kept telling my husband that something was missing. There is more to this, something is wrong. Not any more. I now know the truth and the truth has set me free.

I was raised in denominational teaching and it just wasn't working. I was always trying to be good enough for God to be pleased with me. Dead works mentality. I was always trying to get my healing. I was always trying to get what I already had in Christ. I already have my healing. I am already blessed. I am already anointed. I have already received the good things of God in Jesus Christ.

I thank God for the Trail Blazer study, for it was truly an answer to prayer. Several months ago, I asked God to show me the truth, because the truth sets us free. And through these lessons, I have found the truth and am free from the dead works mentality. I feel like a new person physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually

God bless you.. Wilma 

Hello my name is Mr. Raymond H,

 I would like to say with Sure Foundation biblical training, you have made it possible to see clearly, who I am in Christ. Now that my eyes are opened to The Faith, I now preach. I opened a small bible group in my home and now moved into a storefront. We just baptized two people into Christ Jesus and now they are serving the Lord with power. Thanks to your awesome class on the “Work of Christ”. Thank you, so much for the Great Ministry that is needed on earth!

Raymond H

Hello all.

I am please to say that, if I had not taken advantage of this opportunity with TSF. I would still be second guessing myself and my abilities. This has opened my eyes to another understanding of what God has in store for me.  

I worked part-time in sport ministry.  Now I am the Dean of Students and the Huddle leader for FCA at a small private school in St. Petersburg, Fl.  I also work with our Director of Campus Ministries. 

TSF, has provided me with some very important tools that will help me now and forever.  I pray that this will encourage someone to take that same important step in obeying God's call to minister. Again, Thank you and Stand Firm. 

Christopher W
Dean of students / Head Wrestling Coach

Northside Christian School

Praise God for the wonderful wisdom, insight and excellence in the teaching I received from the Sure Foundation. 10 years ago I began a power discipleship training ministry.  It had great success in the beginning growth process which led to an amazing amount of animosity and persecution from those holding or striving for positions.  In the end I shelved the ministry but never stopped discipling. When I had written the discipleship manual it included such things as Corruptible vs. Incorruptible, The Thought Life (The battle is won and lost between the ears). The Holy Spirit was and is my mentor and I had never heard anyone teach on these things before.

When I began doing the studies in the Bachelor Degree Program I can only say I was overwhelmed with enthusiasm.  I was so excited-Here was someone like-minded. I related to all of the teaching.  Spirit to Spirit. 

I was in the midst of writing a book entitled "Oh Canada" which laid bare the state of our nation and the state of the church in our nation.  Suddenly, after receiving the teaching from The Sure Foundation, I was compelled to pick up the discipleship training manual that I had shelved 10 years ago.  The Lord impressed on my heart, the reason the church is in this state is due to the lack of discipleship. I shelved the writing of Oh Canada and asked two people if they would like to host a power discipleship training group. The next thing I knew there were 10 people desirous to join within 2 days of asking the one couple.  We are on the fifth week and it is exciting. I really was just testing the water and had to stop at the 10 for now.  But I believe God has called me to disciple the nation of Canada.  Whatever that means.  Of course it will be with exponential growth but I believe God for great things. I see the path.  I have the vision.  Thanks to the inspired teaching from the Sure Foundation I have been compelled to press on toward the mark, toward the high calling of God which is in Christ Jesus our Lord. I want to take the Masters Degree and believe God will provide the way.  Please pray for "Feed My Sheep" Discipleship Training Ministry.

If you are considering enrolling in any of the teaching from The Sure Foundation-DO IT! JUST DO IT!  And I know I am writing for someone, you are wondering if you should go further in your studies and if it will make much of a difference. Yes it will.

I bless The Lord for the teaching and for the faithful men and women who carry on the work of the gospel of Jesus Christ.



THE credentials that I received form the sure foundation Theological Intitute have been a great success to my ministry,  I am also blessed to be able to study for my doctor of devinity degree, I'am pleased and grateful to the School for the success that I' am having in my ministry and my education, The BCH. M, MBS that I received I thank God and thank you Dave L Kurcz and The Sure Foundation, Thank's and God bless.

In his service,
Jimmie W

"I just wanted to update you on what's been happening since graduating from your school with an Associate and Bachelors degree.  I have now been fully accepted in Seminary to take my Masters of Divinity based on the results of my Bachelors degree.  I have also been very active in my home church and am involved in the music ministry, prison ministry and preaching. 

 I believe the courses that the Sure Foundation offer are invaluable and God breathed and it is such a joy to reflect on the time spent learning the deeper things of God.  The things I learned will stay with me I'm sure and help me enormously in my ministry.  Thank you for making these courses so affordable and thank you again for giving me the chance to go to seminary and fulfill my calling as Pastor."  

Every time I speak or preach a sermon, I use some of what I learned from
The Sure Foundation.
I am so glad that I got the associate and bachelor degree in church ministry. It has helped me so much in my ministry. I am the associate pastor at the Pleasant Shade Missionary Church in Enterprise Al. We are about 2,000 and growing. If you are ever in the area please join in. Every one is welcome.

Your In Christ:
Rev. Stanley G.  J

I want to personally thank you for the availability of the Trail
Blazer course.  I have gained so much knowledge and my ministry has
grown it seems over night.  I have been preaching only a couple years
and mainly was traveling with my music ministry.  So many doors have
been opening for me to go forth teaching and preaching, especially to
the youth and to families.  your courses have truly awakened me to so
many awesome things.  My wife has a dance ministry and is now taking
the course for the Lord is expanding her territory. My 11 year old is
even all into the material.  I have been spreading the word to all
that I know about this highly anointed and informative course.  God
has SURELY put His hand on this.

Please continue to be blessed by HIM and being a blessing to others.


Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ:

I finally got my certificate of graduation from the Sure Foundation Institute, which had made me really happy. Let me tell you that last week I preached a four day crusade in a place known as "Los coquitos" ( "Little coconuts" is the Spanish meaning) It is a place where drugs, Prostitution and extreme violence is everywhere. It is a " barrio" where every evil thing is possible.

It was there where While I was preaching every night surrounded by about 2,500 people that I realized How good were your spiritual teachings because even though I have been preaching for 15 years in this kind of events, for the first time I felt totally comfortable and the ideas came more clear than ever because of the Bible training I have received from you.

A second crusade is coming on a few days on a Place Known as Luperon where there are only two churches and let me tell you that I will speak about Regeneration using the ideas of your course. I just wanted to share this with you to encourage you to keep going helping other like me. I will never stop praying for the Sure Foundation.

Yours in Christ Jesus:
Bienvenido de Js. Acosta Rivera. ( " Ben Rivera")

Through the training and ministry that I received from The Sure Foundation Institute I believe that I am now more confident and bold to preach the  uncompromised Word of God and share Christ with a lost and dying world in a new and fresh way! May God continue to use you to empower and equip other saints for effective ministry where God has placed them!

Your brother in Christ"
 Thulasizwe Mkhabela
South Africa

"The Foundation's extremely generous scholarship offer

 opened the first (hopefully of many more to come) doors for me to receive a dynamic Christian education."

Roger Schauble

When I first signed up with "The Sure Foundation" I must admit I was doing so for the benefits of the credentials, and for that reason only.  I had already made up in my mind this was another scam but at least it will hang a degree on my wall, but a funny thing happened.  I began to study the classes and was I ever amazed to see the power and the anointing in the text.  From the first to the last lesson, and not only did I study it but I printed all the text books out and used them for study helps for my teaching. 

 I also called a Minister friend of mine, Winston P. and talked him into joining. The whole program was a blessing but if I had to pick just one class, I would pick "Regeneration".  This class was such a blessing because it set ministers of today back on the right track of thinking.   Many times we began to make excuses about why people still dwell in sin after they get saved, but the truth of the matter is, it should not be that way, because we are reborn of incorruptible seed.  The Lord put in our heart a new song, a new way of being.  We have now become born from above, but preachers have become the greatest defenders of sin in our nation.  

So when we meet Ministries such as "The Sure Foundation" it is important that we thank them for the stand.  Not only would I like to thank you for my degree and credentials you have helped me establish but thank you for the way you have blessed my ministry all around.  Me being a young minister, many people want to push there beliefs on me but never can back it with scripture but in our lesson for every point there is a scripture and that is the most important thing of all, because we know in life "people" will fail us, "jobs" will fail us but when all else fails us the word will stand.  

So let me say in closing how thankful I am for the way you have blessed me and my ministry.  I don't know what tomorrow will bring but I know I will always be in your debt because you helped this ministry go from the milk to the meat of God

Peter F.

Divine Guidance has meant the most to me out of all the courses. They were all very good, and God has opened my eyes on a lot of things that were in this study. Brother Dave Kurcz is a very anointed teacher, and I truly thank God for directing me to this class.

I guess that I was made aware in Divine Guidance because at times, I am guilty of doing things on my own, without waiting on God and His guidance. I sometimes jump ahead of the Holy Spirit. I sometimes try to tell God what I am going to do, instead of asking for His guidance. I tend to let my emotions lead me also. In this lesson I learned to wait on God, and get into the Word, and pray, and meditate and learn to recognize the voice of the Holy spirit, or the inner man. I have learned that when I pray, instead of trying to tell God what I want Him to do, to ask Him what He wants me to do, and ask Him for His divine guidance. I have learned to step out in faith, because scripture says without faith it is impossible to please God. We either trust in Him or we don’t I try to study my Bible more, because that is how to know God’s will, and I realize that faith cometh by the reading of God’s Word, and to let God’s Word penetrate into my spirit, so that I will automatically check to see if my will lines up with God’s will.

Thanks again to The Sure Foundation for allowing me to grow in the knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Until His return, may God bless you and your school. May you continue to do His work and to tell others about our mighty King, Jesus Christ. Praise His glorious name. My prayers are with you and The Sure Foundation.

May God bless you and your staff, is my prayer,

Roger Roark

I wanted to take a few minutes to let you know how things have been going since I graduated from your fine school in August of this past year.  Since then, I have had the wonderful opportunity to assist in starting a church in my area, Church of the Redeemed.  I was contacted by my former pastor, who left the traditional ministry to become a counselor for the Salvation Army.  God called him back into the ministry, and I was blessed that he contacted me to help.  Our first service was in November with an assembly of approximately 40 God-loving individuals.  Since then, we have grown and are continuously blessed by our wonderful Father.  This past Sunday, I was named as one of the Deacons and will assist with Evangelism projects.  What a great job!!!  I will also
be ordained in spring to serve Chaplain duties for our local Veterans hospital.  Needless to say, God is doing wonderful work in my life.  I thank you for your superb courses.  I am so grateful for your institute
May God richly bless all of you.
In Christ's love,

"What anointed classes!  
I just finished my final exam, and dissertation
for the associate  program.

 I will be continuing on. 
My spirit was lifted, my attitude was adjusted, and my heart  is ready -
I am opening a church, 
an inner city church and these classes are exactly what I  needed. 

Tammy, NC

I am a Pastor from Nigeria; where a large portion of society believes that a born-again Christian must not be seen to have any manifestation of sin in their life.  I responded to this expectation by striving to be good, without sin and always in right standing with God.  The more I tried, the more I struggled with sin! 

Then I moved to the United States and the Lord Jesus led me to the The Sure Foundation Institute online and I enrolled in the Bachelor degree program.  A few weeks into my study, I realized I had believed a lie for too long and there was nothing I could ever do to make me good, without sin, etc…because in Christ Jesus, I am all that and more!  Hallelujah! 

For years I prayed to God to give me victory over certain things in my life.  God used this program to teach me the truth, which is:  IN CHRIST JESUS, I ALREADY HAVE VICTORY!!!  Hallelujah!!!  Now that I know the truth, I am free!

I give all glory to God and thank Him for establishing the The Sure Foundation Bible Institute and I pray that as many as live under the bondage of the lie of the devil will come to know the truth and be set free just as I am today; in Jesus Mighty Name.  Amen.

Petrina O